NUMERICS’ employees have a wealth of experience in the development and application of analytical and numerical methods. We offer a broad range of services, consultancy and support designed to meet our clients' needs, including technical training and support, specialist software development, and turnkey analyses for research and development.

We are at any time in contact with universities and research institutions to enhance our software solutions and numerical simulation models. So we ensure that for our physical and engineering tasks and development we always apply modern technologies and the state-of-the-art in scientific research.

Expertise in Defense Engineering

Protection of vehicles and occupants against mines and ballistic threats
Design of structures to resist the effects of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
Assessment of the effects of detonation and combustion
Test planning, pretest prediction analysis, post test analysis, test reports
Hydrocode simulations and finite element modeling of weapons effects and the response of structures and vehicles

Research and Development
Tailored software solutions for engineering and assessment tools
Advanced material modeling based on thermo-chemical, micro-, meso- or macro-mechanical approaches
Guidelines to mitigate the effects of blast and impact for the development of design rules for (hardened) structures

NUMERICS is active in the following areas
Development and distribution of engineering and scientific software
Engineering services
Contract research and development

Our customers are amongst the leading companies of the defense and automotive industry.

an easy to use graphical interface,
a continuous improvement in close cooperation with the customers, and
a wealth of experience of our software developers in the application domains

Numerical Analysis
NUMERICS offers a variety of analysis services for engineering tasks, where the focus lies in applications for defense and protective structures investigations like. The keys the success are;
Detonation, explosion, combustion
Warhead mechanics
Free field and internal blast propagation
Terminal ballistics
Strength analysis, structural deformation and failure
Protection of structures and vehicles

Software Development
NUMERICS develops engineering and scientific software.
Optimal utilization of our developers' experience and interests in the particular technical and scientific areas of application,
Many years of experience in numerical methods, computational geometry, and graphical user interface programming,
Dedicated software with simple handling, visualization and extensive verification and validation of the implemented algorithms and models, and
competent, straightforward support and continuous improvements focused on our customers' needs.

Contract Research
Based on the application of our analytical or numerical tools, we take over specific tasks in the product development process:
Design of prototype
Design of research or development experiments
Evaluation and interpretation of experiments
Within the context of product development Numerics also analyze the vulnerability of buildings, vehicles and ships against all kinds of explosive devices and ballistic threats and, if necessary, develop tailored solutions for increasing their protection level.

Software Training; NUMERICS offers training courses on all our software products. All courses are tailored to the customers' specific needs and can either include the whole field of applications or be focused on single aspects.
High Speed Dynamics; Additionally, NUMERICS offers seminars on different aspects of high speed dynamics and shock physics. Thereby, the seminar contents can be individually focused on the participants' specific needs and their state of knowledge - from the phenomena of dynamic material behavior to transient impact processes.
Structural Protection; Based on many years of practical experience in the field of infrastructure protection, NUMERICS also offers a seminar on problem orientated structural protection.

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